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Every Friday a new Success story is posted on www.marksdailyapple.com. It never ceases to amaze me, all the ailments that people have overcome, once they take on a Primal lifestyle. Whether you are overweight, underweight, fatigued, sick or depressed, don’t despair. There is hope. As your Primal coach, I can give you the tools you need to take back your health.

In 2014, Mark Sisson & the Primal Blueprint staff released the Primal Blueprint Expert certification course, the only, and surely to be the preeminent, ancestral health certification program. I am extremely proud to say that I was the very first person to pass the course and become certified.

As your coach, I will give you an in-depth understanding of the science and facts behind the Primal / Paleo / Ancestral Health movement, along with helping you design an exercise and eating strategy to achieve your vision of health and fitness.

I offer a FREE 15-MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION for you to decide if Primal coaching is right for you. You can contact me at dilandrom@gmail.com, to make your appointment today.


Back in Oct 2013, my doctor said I tested positive for having pre diabetes.  He told me to come back in 12 weeks & if I wasn't able to change things on my own, he would have to prescribe me medication.  I talked to Mike DiLandro to see if following a Paleo/Primal diet would help.  Mike took the time to explain the science & specific details for how I should change my diet and exercise plan.  I was amazed to see how great I felt once going Primal. It was also great that I lost 31 pounds in just 12 weeks. Of course the best news happened after my follow up check-up.  My doctor was surprised to see that I was no longer pre diabetic. My cholesterol dropped from 289 to 218 and my Triglycerides dropped from 195 to 80.  I couldn't have done it without Mike's help. I am definitely a believer in the Paleo diet.

Dom Sforza, Mountainside, NJ